HENSOLDT offers optical imaging combined with cutting-edge ground-based thermographic wind blade inspection extending turbine availability at minimal risks.

The thermographic camera NightOwl Z: M (HD) enables unmatched inspection results from the ground.  There is no need of second inspection due to subjective and dubious assessment. Analysis reports with flaw localization and severity classification can be delivered in short time, thanks to HENSOLDT’s automatic stitching program for optical and thermal imaging.

Global customers benefit from "HENSOLDT’s strong international" footprint and over 40 years of thermography and laser experience.  

  • Minimal risks of turbine damages, accidents and physical injuries
  • More efficient and predictable repair planning
  • Optimized energy production
  • Shorter inspection time  

In addition to the ground-based inspection, other major non-destructive inspection methods such as drone and helicopter are offered to fulfill customers’ requirements - onshore and offshore.

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