COBRA is a high mobility weapon location radar which meets all NATO requirements. The Euro-Art Consortium has been the first company worldwide to develop and manufacture this multifunctional counter battery radar with a fully active phased array antenna.

System Description       

The operations cabin houses the system's receiver, signal processor, data processing subsystem, radar operator's console, command, control and communications console and vehicle intercom. The operations cabin also has resistance to small arms fire and shell fragments and is provided with nuclear/biological/chemical and electromagnetic pulse protection. Depending on the customers request, COBRA has been configured for one as well as for two operators, enabling the radar to also act as a command post.

Operational Status

COBRA is designed to detect small cross-section targets across the entire battlefield and can also classify ammunition types and firing modes, like rockets, swarms and salvos. In less than two minutes, more than 40 six-gun batteries can be located and reported to a higher command. Parallel to the battery location function, COBRA can be tasked to perform friendly fire registration by tracking the counter-fire projectiles and providing correction parameters.

The COBRA radar is contained in a single cross-country wheeled vehicle, with an operations cabin and the radar antenna mounted on top. This self-contained, stand-alone configuration assures high mobility by enabling extremely rapid deployment and decamp times.

COBRA was developed for France, Germany and UK as the first multifunctional counter battery radar in the world with a fully active phased array antenna, enabling accurate multiple targets detection within a short reaction time. During all live fire trials to which COBRA participated, including desert trials in UAE during summer 2005, in competition with other weapon locating radars, COBRA achieved performance (location range as well as detection and location accuracy) were far better than the COBRA Specifications.

Three COBRA systems have been subjected to intensive live-fire testing at Meppen in Germany and at Canjuers in France. The Euro-Art consortium has successfully completed a round of qualifications tests for COBRA in the deserts of UAE under harsh environmental conditions to the satisfaction of its customers. Furthermore, COBRA has been deployed in several out-of-area operations including UN missions: German systems are involved in the Defence Against Mortar Attacks (DAMA) initiative that is part of the NATO Conference of National Armament Directors' Programme of Work for the Defence against Terrorism. French systems are in operation in Lebanon, UK's systems have been deployed in Iraq and are actually going to be prepared for Afghanistan.


12 COBRA systems have been delivered to Germany, 10 to France and 7 to the UK.The € 500 million contract includes logistics and services.

The COBRA system is now being promoted worldwide for export sales by Euro-Art International. Germany has already sold 2 of its systems in an adapted version to Turkey. Euro-Art International has awarded as well a contract from the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces for the supply and commissioning of 3 COBRA Radars – whereof 2 systems have been delivered to the UAE customer already. Perfectly adapted to battlefields, COBRA high mobility weapon location radar will protect UAE Armed Forces on the move.

COBRA is managed by EURO-ART . Euro-Art, formed in 1989, is a management company based in Munich for receiving orders in the field of Advanced Radar Technologies. The shareholders of the company being EADS Deutschland GmbH, Munich, Germany, Thales Air Systems S.A., Rungis, France, Thales UK Ltd. Crawley, United Kingdom, Lockheed Martin Corp., Moorestown, USA.

Euro-Art International EWIV was formed in 2007 as an European Economic Interest Group based in Munich responsible of the marketing and sales of COBRA Systems to customers worldwide (except OCCAR). The Euro-Art International members are EADS Deutschland GmbH, Munich, Germany, and Thales Air Systems S.A., Rungis, France.

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