Security Radar for Border Surveillance

The SPEXER 2000 is a high-performance border surveillance radar for the automatic detection and classification of ground, sea and low-flying air targets. It was developed for the specific requirements of security scenarios; with its primary fields of application in border security systems, as well as the protection of critical infrastructure and perimeter. 

The SPEXER 2000 has already proven its remarkable performance in integrated security systems in numerous regions of the world, where it is successfully being used to detect traditional as well as asymmetric threats.



Pulse-Doppler Radar based on AESA technology



Instrumented Range

40 km (24.9 mi; 21.6 NM), optionally 80 km (49.7 mi; 43.2 NM)

Detection Range

Pedestrian (0.5 m² RCS): 18 km (11.2 mi)

Light vehicle (2.0 m² RCS): 22 km (13.7 mi)

Truck (10.0 m² RCS): 36 km (22.4 mi)

Light aircraft (3.0 m² RCS): 27 km (16.8 mi)

Low-level helicopter (5.0 m² RCS): 36 km (22.4 mi)

UAV (0.2 m² RCS): 9 km (5.6 mi)

Small boat, rubber dinghy (1.5 m² RCS): 20 km (10.8 NM)


Electronic scanning 120° in azimuth (opt. mechanical rotation 360°); 4.3° elevation beam width; opt. +/- 20° mechanical elevation tilt


Width: 1.0 m (39.4 in), Height: 0.7 m (27.6 in), Depth: 0.6 m (23.6 in)


Data/Control: 1 Gbit Ethernet LAN electrical (fibre optical interface optionally) for radar control and data output of plots, tracks and equipment status; integrated LAN interface for camera control

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