Mobile Air Surveillance and Defence Radar System

The TRML-3D system was developed to be rapidly deployable and highly mobile for fast camp and decampment. It is a fully coherent multi-mode phased array surveillance and target acquisition radar system designed for short and medium-range detection and  air defence.

The 3D radar is capable of detecting, tracking, and classifying various types of targets with a particular emphasis on small, fast and low-flying aircraft, missiles and hovering helicopters. 

The radar has a detection range of up to 200 km with an antenna scan time between 2 and 9 seconds, depending on the mode. It can be deployed as a stand-alone radar or can be integrated into air defence networks in coordination with other radars and command and control systems, taking no more than 10 minutes to become operational.


Transmit and Receive Units


TransmitterGaN solid state

Phased array, 32 rows of radiators

IFF antennaLinear array, separate below PR antenna
Signal and Data Processing

Doppler signal processing (MTI/MTD

Signal processorPulse compression
Instrumented rangeUp to 200 km depending on selected mode
Height coverage20 km
3D target trackingAutomatic in complete search volume
Capacity>400 targets simultaneously
Equipped with Command and Control Functions
Tactical functions
  • LAP generation and target identification/classification
  • Threat evaluation
  • Weapon designation
Radar netting capability
  • Eliminates gaps in the search volume
  • Supports jam strobe triangulation
Display systemsTwo high-resolution raster scanners

Inertial north-seeking system with GPS/GLONASS

Product impressions