Sferion G2000 – Turning Threats into Targets

Situational awareness solution SFERION G2000 for e.g. check points provides an advanced integrated system providing bullet detection and sniper reconnaissance with an accurate threat locator and visualization on mobile devices.

Sferion G2000 recognizes threats in an early stage offering support in tracking moving objects, identifies attacks immediately a quick reaction being possible. Easy to understand visualization using augmented reality with High flexible Mobile User Control Unit and WLAN communication. The system offers an enhanced range of Reconnaissance and Surveillance, real time video transmission for large area of reconnaissance, 24/7 operating time.

Sferion G2000 provides:

  • Detection of bullets
  • Information about the number and location of snipers
  • Reconnaissance of threats using video surveillance
  • Visualization and tracking of threats on mobile device
  • Support of immediate counter measure 

Product impressions