The MRSI8ACP is the new generation of HENSOLDT automatic communication signal analysis products. It addresses the growing demand for full-automated, high performance, multi-channel signal analysis integratable in a large set of different deployments. 

Its flexible deployment, its principle of 'grow-as-you-need' scalability and its high performance algorithms make it an ideal core component of any kind of strategic and tactical signal analysis system.  

Key Features

  • Automatic signal detection and tracking for fixed frequency, burst and hopper signals
  • Automatic multi-channel signal classification
  • Automatic multi-channel signal contents generation
  • Comprehensive list of demodulators and decoders for analogue and digital transmission modes Wideband and narrowband signal recording
  • Support of various direction finders and receivers
  • Operator extendable database of known signals
  • Easy deployable and extendable up to hundreds of channels
  • Export of signal analysis results
  • Future proof through use of CommercialOff-The-Shelf servers
  • Integration of customer developed decoders (option)

Reliable results

Based on

  • more than 20 years of experience in signal analysis
  • field proven and continuously optimized algorithms
  • lossless signal processing, analysing signals from the start 

Flexible operation

The MRSI8ACP is flexible, because it supports

  • any operational task from broad search to dedicated threat surveillance
  • manned or unmanned operation
  • non-recurring or repeated execution of reconnaissance tasks, executed immediately or scheduled to start at any assigned time
  • high mobility and versatile deployment due to the compact design
  • online and offline operation


The MRSI8ACP is cost effective, because

  • it can be used for multiple purposes (tactical, strategic or mixed operation)
  • it uses standard commercial hardware with local support in many countries
  • it can be upgraded with respect to functions and performance with minimal costs
  • its capabilities grow with the knowledge of the operators thus keeping the system up to date.

The MRSI8ACP has been developed taking the experience of more than 20 years of COMINT projects worldwide into consideration. The MRSI8ACP provides the operational advantage essential in strategic and tactical missions.

Product impressions