Laser ESM System for Ships

COLDS® NGB has been designed for naval applications. The system detects lasers range finders, laser target designators and laser beam riders with an excellent efficiency in all bearings.

Each COLDS® NGB sensor unit covers more than 180° in azimuth and 90° in elevation. Therefore, a full coverage of 360° in azimuth can be obtained for each cluster, with two sensors installed on starboard and portside. Depending on the size of the ship the system allows configuration with up to 16 sensor units to ensure full protection of the platform.



Field of View (per Sensor Head)

182° AZ, +/- 45° EL

Angle accuracy

2° RMS in azimuth for LFR and LTD
26° RMS in azimuth for LBR


0.5 μm – 1.65 μm (LRF/LTD)
0.8 μm – 1.1 μm (LBR)

Multi-Threat CapabilityUp to 8 Threats reported

Dimensions and Weight Sensors

COLDS® NGB Senor Head/Electronic Unit

138 mm / 200 mm

Height189 mm / 260 mm
Width234 mm / 200 mm
Weight< 4kg/ < 9kg

Product impressions