Electronic Self-Defence against Hostile Radar Signals

Manipulating the Threat

Military airborne, shipborne, and ground based radar systems are designed around their ability to function in a jammed environment. Modern radars, e.g. pulsed Doppler radars, have a fixed phase relationship between the transmitted and received RF signals because they are operating on a basis of coherent processing.

DRFM Jamming Technology

Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFM) have become the core of any electronic jamming system. The DRFM is a device with storage methods in which the radar signal itself is stored, modulated with jamming signals and then retransmitted to the threat.

Standard ECM Functions

  • Coherent range and velocityPull-Off/In
  • Velocity gate Pull-Off/In
  • Fixed false Doppler and range targets
  • Random false Doppler andrange  targets
  • Phase modulation
  • Multi-frequency false targets
  • Narrow and wideband coherent noise
  • Narrow and wideband non-coherent noise
  • Swept spot noise
  • Multi-frequency noise
  • CW jamming
  • Frequency offset jamming, coherent and non-coherent
  • Inverse amplitude techniques(with  amplitude quantisation)
  • Target scintillation
  • Due to the programmability, other „custom-made“ ECM functions can be installed. A combination of ECM techniques is possible.

Characteristics and Performances

  • Extremely wide band, single board DRFM
  • Freely configurable integrated techniques generator
  • Multi-threat capability
  • Coherent and non-coherent ECM techniques
  • Extremely fast digital signal detection
  • Instantaneous bandwidth:up to 2,3 GHz
  • Quantisation: up to 10 GBit amplitude
  • Frequency accuracy:extremely accurate
  • Volume: 3 litres
  • Power consumption: 50 Watt

Product impressions

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