Effective communication reconnaissance is essential in symmetric and asymmetric conflicts. Identifying threats, observing their behaviour and getting knowledge of their communication contents is of inestimable operational value.

Today's COMINT and CESM systems have to be flexible in their usage, easy to operate whilst providing the essential information in a fast and reliable way.

The Airbus DS Radio Scout VU is a compact high performance communication reconnaissance system combining all functions from wideband signal reception to contents generation.  

Key Features

  • High performance wideband receiver
  • Automatic spectrum search including signal detection and processing
  • Automatic dedicated frequency surveillance and signal processing on activity detection
  • Alarm generation on threat detection
  • Automatic signal detection and tracking for fixed frequency, burst and hopper signals
  • Automatic multi-channel signal classification
  • Automatic multi-channel signal contents generation
  • Comprehensive list of demodulators and decoders for analogue and digital transmission modes Wideband and narrowband signal recording
  • Wideband receiver control and scheduling
  • Additional interactive signal analysis suite including analysis tools for unknown signals
  • Direct listen into voice transmissions
  • Operator extendable database of known signals
  • Integration of customer developed decoders (option)

Reliable results

Based on

  • more than 20 years of experience in signal analysis
  • field proven and continuously optimized algorithms
  • lossless signal processing, analysing signals from the start 

Easy to use

Operators of any skill level will be able to retrieve results fast. It provides

  • an intuitive and efficient graphical user interface
  • an easy tasking concept to control the systems reconnaissance work
  • well structured result displays and filtering functions to focus on the results of interest
  • easy control of recordings and recording replay