Level 1 Maintenance test bench for QRTK3A/B NG, QRTK4 NG and QRTK6 NG

SRPM NG can be used to automatically test a  QRTKx NG cryptographic computer and Level 1 maintenance operations.

SRPM NG can check a QRTKx NG against a reference equipment.

The test bench is used to:

  • Read the QRTK NG Security Data Base
  • Reset the Security CAUTION state.
  • Visualize the QRTK NG internal status: CAUTION status, time of the last time loading, QRTK NG current time, Elapse Time Indicator (ETI) status, battery (BAT) status, TAMPER status, BITE status.

Test bench other functions:

  • Proper operation of QRTK NG verification by using a reference QRTK4 NG (for QRTK3A/B NG and QRTK4 NG) or a QRTK6 NG (for QRTK6 NG)
  • Power supply and controls of computers
  • Bi-directional dialog between computers
  • Exchanged signals verification

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