Unprecedented awareness through twin optronic mast solution 

For modern submarine operations the unique combination of OMS 110 and OMS 200 represents the peak of technological innovation. The system configuration is designed to function under rapidly changing operational requirements as well as varying ambient light and weather conditions. Its highly modular and compact design ensures ease of installation, integration and logistic maintainability. The OMS solution can be fully integrated into combat management systems ensuring full remote-control.

The OMS 110 System distinguishes itself through its unique capability to conduct a 360° quick look around (QLR) in merely three seconds with a resultant panoramic view. The OMS 200 sets itself apart through an enhanced stealth (visual, IR  and radar) technology in a highly integrated compact design.

Main features & benefits

  • High-performance optics
  • HD TV Camera
  • SWIR
  • HD IR
  • Eye-Safe laser rangefi nder
  • Modular design
  • Full combat system integration
  • High-performance LOS  stabilisation
  • Antenna interface for Electronic Warfare Warning, GPS and V / UHF
  • Raw Video to CMS via Fiber Optic Cables

Product impressions