The latest generation of submarine optoelectronic observation system

In the first half of the 1990s, we began with the preliminary development of apurely optronic mast system designated by the acronym OMS. The following properties were to be implemented:

  • Optronic sensors for all observation task
  • Significant weight reduction compare to a conventional periscope
  • Only electrical or fiber-optic cable connection between OMS and the submarine command center
  • No mast penetration of the pressure hull

The quick look around (QRL) mode facilitates a fast, programmable 360° panoramic view. In this procedure, the optronic mast is raised only for time, during which the head executes several fast rotations. The continuously recorded images from all of the camera scan be put together to form a seamless 360° panoramic view.

Main features & benefits

  • Modular design
  • Full combat system integration
  • Image and Video transmission from camera to image processors and displays via Fibre Optics
  • High-performance LOS stabilisation
  • High-resolution visual and IR cameras
  • I nnovative Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) which can be integrated into the tactical environment on the CMS
  • Antenna interface

Product impressions