This optronic mast sets itself apartthrough an enhanced stealth technologyas well as its compact design. It providesexcellent information with the combinationof an HDTV day camera, a shortwave infrared camera (SWIR) and an eyesafe laser range finder in lense objectiveon a single Line of Sight (LOS). This compactsolution allows an integration into alltypes of submarines, for new build andretrofit solutions. The OMS 200, in its roleof being a “replacement” to the classicaldirect view periscopes was specificallydesigned to retain the stealth characteristicsin the visual, Infrared and Radar domains.
The high image quality and resolution ofthe integrated short wave infrared (SWIR)camera can be complemented with asecond infrared system with mid-wavecapability, enabling improved night visioncapability. The integrated universalantenna interface offers a combinationof sensor technology with ESM-EW / GPSantennas amongst others.

Main features & benefits

  • High-performance optics
  • TV camera
  • SWIR
  • Optional MWIR
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • Raw Video to CMS via Fiber OpticCables
  • Modular design
  • Full combat system integration
  • High-performance LOS stabilisation
  • Antenna interface(for Electronic Warfare Warning,GPS and V / UHF)
  • Active IR signature reduction

Product impressions