The SERO 250 is available in an attack and search version, SERO 250 A and SERO 250 S. This allows submarines to easily adjust to changing operational conditions and to fulfil complex requirements for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering. One of our key targets was to reduce the need for major structural modifications on the boat, for instance using existing hoisting mechanisms, bearings, seals, etc.
To ease integration the SERO 250 can be operationed as a stand-alone system or be integrated into existing or renewed Combat Management Systems.The periscope system enables the user to monitor surface and air activity, to collect navigational data and to detect and identify targets. It also provides video signals for parallel observation either on CMS or with a stand-alone console. The SERO 250 can be enhanced with improved night vision capability through the addition of an IR camera as an add-on module.

Main features & benefits

  • High-performance optics
  • Direct view
  • TV camera
  • LLL TV Camera
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • I R camera sensor module (optional)
  • D ual-axis, line-of-sight stabilisation
  • Modular design
  • 3-stage optical magnificationchanger
  • Antenna interface (for Electronic Warfare Warning and Direction Finding, GPS and V / UHF)

Product impressions