A Periscope and Optronic Mast Solution

Since 2004, more than 45 submarines have been equipped with this classic combination of a direct view periscope and a non-hull penetrating optronic mast. The system combination, SERO 400 and OMS 110, comprises modern electronics and high resolution sensors, This allows for longrange surveillance and reconnaissance in all ambient light and weather conditions. Our solution unites stealth with profound information gathering capability. Thus, enabling the user to swiftly detect threats, and track, identify and engage potential targets.

Constantly undergoing improvement, this combination represents the state-of-the-art optronics technology for modern submarines.

Main features & benefits

  • High-performance Optics
  • HD TV Camera
  • LLL TV
  • Optional SWIR
  • Eye-Safe Laser Rangefi nder
  • Direct View
  • Raw Video to CMS via Fibre Optic Cables
  • Modular Design
  • Full Combat System Integration
  • Antenna Interface for Electronic Warfare Warning and Direction Finding, GPS and V / UHF
  • Dual-axis, line-of-sight stabi-lisation with third-axis image correction

Product impressions