Mission success depends on precise information and clear view, which is why HENSOLDT seeks to offer the most reliable surveillance solution. MEOS II is a fully stabilised, compactly designed surveillance system which bundles various state-of-the-art sensors. Thus, offering the user a large variety of functions comprised in only one device.

MEOS II is equiped with a windows cleaning unit, operated from the standalone or integrated console.

MEOS II can be upgraded to meet specific naval surveillance, target acquisition and tracking requirements. The standard MEOS II system can be operationally enhanced by the addition of a high repetition rate 12 Hz laser rangefinders and SWIR capability for exceeding atmospherical limits (haze and fog), as a complement to the visual daylight and infrared camera. Deeper integration into a CMS, as an aid to fire control solutions, is feasible.

Main features & benefits

  • High-resolution, thermal imaging with powerful zoom optics
  • Daylight TV with contin­uous zoom
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • Auto-tracker & motion detection capabilities
  • Dual-axis gyro stabilisation
  • Ruggedised for high-stress maritime missions
  • Modular buildup for easy installation and maintenance
  • Recording capability for further analysis

Product impressions