Multi-function surveillance and target acquisition radar

Step into the next dimension

TRS-4D is HENSOLDT Sensors Sensors' latest member of the C-Band (NATO G-Band) naval radar family. It is available with a single face rotating antenna and also as a four fixed-panel configuration.

Based on the most advanced Gallium Nitride ActiveElectronically Scanned Array (AESA) sensor technology with multiple digitally formed beams, the new generation TRS-4D opens a new dimension for maritime missions.

TRS-4D's uniqe concept of simultaneous multi-beams and Doppler processing ensures reliable performance of all operational tasks at a high update rate.

It's very flexible installation concept enables ships like offshore patrol vessels, corvettes and frigates to exert the different functions of a shipborne surveillance and target acquisition radar, in blue waters and in complex littoral environment with high target densities.

TRS-4D marks an innovative step beyond conventional radar into a "new dimension" of operational capabilities. The outstanding benefits of the new technology are tailor-made for naval customers.


Performance Data

Maximum instrumented range

up to 250 km

Minimum range 
  • MTTR
< 100 m
> 3,000 hours
< 0.5 hours
Target detection capabilityRCS 0.01 m2
Tracking 3D capacity> 1,000 targets
Track update rate< 1 s

Frontend with Antenna

Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)


Electronically stabilised


Own shock and vibration absorber system


C-Band (NATO G-Band)


Solid-state Tx modules in Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology


Graceful degradation
Adaptable transmitter power


Digital beam forming


Pulse Doppler processing in all beams


Dedicated high range resolution surface channel
Sophisticated classification algorithms
Areas of interest (cued search)
High-priority target tracking (cued track)

Product impressions