Tactical Radar for Surface Surveillance

Surface surveillance of sea and land

The TRSS is the new compact high-performance surveillance radar in HENSOLD Sensors' TRS-family. It has the capability to detect very small targets in all surface environments based on naval platforms.

Missions in littoral and blue water environment and sea-to-land operations require full situational awareness of all kinds of targets at any time. TRSS reliably recognises and identifies targets and asymmetric threats offshore and onshore.

TRSS is designed for all kinds of security, safety and defence missions for surface surveillance. Convincing especially through its flexibility in configuration and operational needs, TRSS even provides the capability for enhanced land surveillance.

TRSS is based on latest AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Antenna) technology and is a coherent Pulse-Doppler X-band radar. It is the appropriate sensor to fulfil the surveillance requirements from short range (close to the naval platform) to medium range by detecting even very small targets.



Coherent Pulse-Doppler X-band radar based on latest AESA technology 
Detection ranges

Minimum range < 100 m
Instrumented range > 40 km


Electronically stabilised with frequency steering
Azimuth scan angle

+/- 60° (electronically)
360° (panoramic surveillance mode)

Elevation scan angle

≤ 0.7° to ≥ 8.5°

Color camera field of viewmore than +/- 20° for combined roll & pitch


Solid-state Transmit Receive Modules (TRM)

Tracking of more than 100 targets. Additional individual tracking of multiple targets with high update track rate.


Different interfaces available, e.g. Ethernet
Physical parameters (antenna incl. radome)

Weight < 180 kg
Dimensions approx. 130 cm / 100 cm (diameter / height)

Product impressions

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