Airbus DS EBS awards Prizes to excellent University Graduates

“Argus” research prize awarded for the fourteenth time in the field of communications engineering and radio frequency technology

Airbus Defence and Space’s Argus science prize has been awarded for the 14th time (first row, from left to right): Markus Schartel, Professor Christian Waldschmidt (Ulm University), Professor Thomas Zwick (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Dr Hans Brugger (EBS), Professor Peter Lorenz Schmidt (Erlangen-Nuremberg University), Ingrid Yvonne Ullmann, Professor Robert Fischer (Ulm University), Hannes Stahl. Photo: Airbus DS EBS


Ulm, Germany, 5 October 2016 - As part of the cooperation with research institutions and universities, Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS) has awarded for the fourteenth time the “Argus” research prize for outstanding Master’s and diploma theses of young scientists in the field of communications engineering, radar technology and radio frequency technology, each prize worth 1,500 euros. Technological and methodical innovations are very important to the Ulm-based company and to its sensor systems, which are used for air traffic control and reconnaissance, and to the protection of vehicles and properties.  

“Technological and scientific progress in the fields of electronics and circuit technology ensures that radio frequency and digital technologies can grow closer and closer together to create integrated and compact solutions leading to multifunctional systems in the future,” said Dr Hans Brugger, Head of Hardware Development at Airbus DS EBS. “For this reason, close collaboration with science and research is of fundamental significance for us as a high-tech company.” Mr Christian Knop, Head of Human Resources at the Ulm site, emphasised that initiatives such as “Argus” provided university graduates with valuable contacts to the world of industry and consequently with interesting career opportunities.  

The prizes were awarded during the annual Professors’ Day at Airbus DS’ Ulm site. Professors from renowned universities and colleges as well as company experts make regular use of this platform for exchanging ideas. From numerous final papers submitted, a jury made up of university professors and EBS specialists selected four outstanding papers, two of which came from Ulm University.  

Markus Schartel, from the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at Ulm University, was given an award for his Master’s thesis, under the supervision of Professor Christian Waldschmidt, on an imaging radar system with electronic beam scanning and pulse correlation. Hannes Stahl, also from Ulm University, wrote his prize-winning dissertation, under the supervision of Professor Robert Fischer, in which he applied and demonstrated a theoretical process, well known from mathematics, to create a very inexpensive radar system.  

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Sören Marahrens produced his Master’s thesis, supervised by Professor Thomas Zwick, on designing and integrating compact filter structures into semiconductor chips, thus making it possible to miniaturise future applications substantially. Ingrid Yvonne Ullmann, from the Radio Frequency Technology Department of Erlangen-Nuremberg University, received a further Argus prize for her Master’s thesis, under the direction of Professor Martin Vossiek, on the examination of algorithms for imaging processes at very high frequencies, the so-called “millimetre waves”.  

At Airbus DS EBS’ Ulm location, about 2,000 employees are working on the development and production of complex security electronics, including radars, electronic protection systems and digital radio systems. A large number of the employees are engineers and technicians, above all in the areas of communications engineering and electrical engineering.  

About Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS)

EBS, in future HENSOLDT, is the new sensor house, a leading global provider of premium electronics in the areas of protection, reconnaissance and surveillance. The enterprise equips armed forces and security organisations around the world on the basis of a 100-year tradition and experience gained from renowned technological predecessors such as Telefunken, Dornier and Zeiss. EBS employs some 4,000 employees generating revenues of approximately €1 billion per year. 



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