HENSOLDT train simulator delivered to Trenitalia

Comprehensive simulator improves training of train drivers

Simsphere Train Full-Motion-Simulator from HENSOLDT delivered to Trenitalia.

Immenstaad, 24 July 2020 – HENSOLDT has delivered a simulator for the training of train drivers of the new Hitachi ROCK commuter train to Trenitalia, one of Italy's leading railway companies. The Simsphere Train Full-Motion-Simulator provides a true-to-scale replica of the train driver's cabin with a comprehensive motion simulation. This is already the sixth train simulator that HENSOLDT has supplied to Trenitalia.

In this new configuration for Trenitalia, the simulator replicates the new Hitachi ROCK commuter train and ensures faster, more comprehensive and cost-efficient training of train drivers.

In addition to different weather and daylight conditions, 66 malfunctions can be simulated in order to train the operation of the new railway train under all aspects. The driver's cab of the simulator is located on a motion system with six degrees of freedom and gives the train driver a realistic impression when accelerating, braking, taking curves or crossing switches.

The front view is realised via a LED large screen monitor. The display system calculates images of real existing Italian railway lines in Full-HD resolution at 60Hz intervals.

The driver's displays, pressure gauges, radio and main controls are shown on five touch monitors also operating in full HD resolution.

The Hitachi ROCK is currently equipped with the Italian train control system SCMT; an upgrade to the European ERTMS/ETCS is planned. The Simsphere Train Full-Motion-Simulator is already equipped with both systems and thus allows comprehensive training including the transitions from one system to the other.

Simsphere Train from HENSOLDT

Simsphere Train is a family of train driver training products based on decades of experience in the field, providing an advanced integrated suite for train driver training. Simsphere Train includes a wide range of simulation applications from full-motion simulators to tablet-based applications. Simsphere Train can thus be used to train complex learning situations that in reality could only be carried out at high cost and with high risks for man and material.

The latest generation of Simsphere Train Full-Motion-Simulators enables the simulation of different traction vehicles due to the interchangeable console concept. Within minutes, a completely different train can be simulated using the three interchangeable console elements, which contain largely original control elements.


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