MAWS GbR receives order for second national supplementary study

MAWS pursues a system of systems approach for networked maritime reconnaissance, submarine hunting and maritime target engagement.

Taufkirchen/Germany, 6 May 2024 – The German MAWS GbR (consisting of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH and Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG) was awarded the contract for the second national supplementary study for the Franco-German Maritime Airborne Warfare System (MAWS) project on 25 April 2024.  

MAWS pursues the approach of a system of systems for networked maritime reconnaissance, submarine hunting and maritime target engagement. These are carried out using manned and unmanned platforms in conjunction with ground stations. Data links for networking and an AI-based cloud solution that is used to analyse the sensor data obtained are essential for this. The study includes the development of concrete solution proposals for the German naval aviators (analysis phase part II, CPM process of the BMVg) in addition to the interim solution Boeing P-8A Poseidon. 

The proposed solutions focus on the development of MAWS with manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as the carrier platform and on the ground stations.  

Another focus of the study is the networking and data processing of the various assets and ground stations. To this end, a "Maritime Warfare Cloud" is to be designed to guarantee information autonomy and data sovereignty. 

A core element of this is the acquisition of information sovereignty from partial information using specially created software for data acquisition and analysis using artificial intelligence. As the cloud sensor data is processed and made available throughout the entire system network, it will be a key component of the MAWS. By recognising large volumes of data, it will be much more than a simple data storage system.  

With this pioneering technology, the MAWS co-operation project will enable the German Navy to meet the expected security policy challenges.


Press contact HENSOLDT
Alexander Ogger  
+49 7364 9557-984 

Press contact ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH
Ulrich-Joachim Müller 
+49 89 92161-2850

Press contact Diehl Defence
David Voskuhl 
+49 7551 89 6955

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