Sensor Technologies from HENSOLDT at AFCEA

Radar, counter-UAV and pilot assistance systems

Bonn, 25 April 2017 – The newly formed company HENSOLDT, previously known as the Electronics business unit of Airbus Defence and Space and which offers key sensor technologies from a single source, will introduce itself to the public as “The new Sensor House” at AFCEA Trade Exhibition in Bonn. HENSOLDT combines various Airbus activities from the area of security and defence electronics and develops innovative products for reconnaissance and intelligence, for the protection of soldiers and for the creation of situation pictures, taking full advantage of the broad technology basis established by its predecessors such as Telefunken, Zeiss Optronics, Dornier and Siemens Sicherungstechnik.  

At AFCEA, HENSOLDT will present their latest developments such as the airport surveillance radar ASR, the most powerful airport surveillance radar in the world, the TRS-4D naval radar system, which is currently being installed on the new German Navy frigates, or the pilot assistance system Sferion. The counter-UAV system XPeller offers reliable protection against drones by combining several sensors with a jammer in a modular approach. As a special highlight, HENSOLDT will present their newly developed passive radar, which is capable of precisely detecting flying objects without emitting any radar signals that might betray its own position.  


HENSOLDT is a globally leading supplier of premium sensors for security and surveillance missions. The company is the world market leader in such areas as missile warning systems and submarine periscopes. Moreover, HENSOLDT is very active in the market for radar systems, optronics and electronic protection systems. The company comprises the defence electronics activities of the Airbus Group, which were spun off from the group in 2017 and have now entered the market as a new sensor house under the brand name of HENSOLDT, together with the former Airbus DS Optronics. HENSOLDT employs approximately 4,000 employees, generating annual revenues of about €1 billion.


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