Staying Operational. Maximum system performance and affordable life cycle cost. We understand your requirements and help you meet them efficiently.

Optimal performance in all life cycle phases

At HENSOLDT, you are a decisive step ahead: Customer service does not start with the sale of a system, but long before. HENSOLDT Services is responsible for the provision and support for products over the entire life cycle. This includes integrated logistic support, which is aimed at ensuring the products‘ subsequent maintainability by taking appropriate precautions during the development and production phase and support post delivery, i.e. in-service support, training and special services. Our services ensure maximum product reliability, especially in mission-critical situations.

Essential for life - for a lifetime.

Our Service Offerings

Product & System Support

HENSOLDT’s services and customer focus are essential for your performance.

With HENSOLDT you benefit from a sophisticated service portfolio which ensures reliable operation on a long-term  basis.

Simulation Solutions

HENSOLDT is one of the leading suppliers of Train, Radar and Air Defence simulators. The need for simulator-supported training and development is  progressively growing.

Therefore, we constantly expand our simulation solutions portfolio  for  HENSOLDT products in military and civil applications, the Simsphere Simulation Suite.

Training Courses

Every mission depends on high-performance equipment and staff competence.

HENSOLDT is your reliable partner to teach new skills and technologies, improving employee performance to operate and maintain your HENSOLDT products and systems in a safe and efficient way.

Special Services

Our customized portfolio also comprises special services beyond our product and system support activities.

We provide these for our own HENSOLDT products, as well as for third party equipments and for various platforms or systems.