HENSOLDT delivers further high-performance radars to Ukraine

More than 50 TRML-4D air defence radars already under contract

HENSOLDT's TRML-4D radar strengthens Ukraine's air defence capability. ©HENSOLDT

Taufkirchen/Germany, 3 May 2024 – Sensor specialist HENSOLDT is supplying six more of its high-performance TRML-4D radars to Ukraine to strengthen the country’s air defence. As part of a comprehensive order package worth over 100 million euros, the six radars will be delivered later this year. This means that HENSOLDT now has a total of more than 50 air defence radars of this type under contract for a whole range of customers.

HENSOLDT CEO Oliver Dörre, said: ‘Our radars are urgently needed by the Ukrainian air defence and we are proud to be able to deliver all the systems this year. The feedback from our customers confirms how important the rapid availability of the radars is for the protection of their citizens.’

The TRML-4D is based on the latest AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar technology. It ensures the rapid detection and tracking of around 1,500 targets within a radius of up to 250 kilometres. It is capable of quickly and reliably detecting, tracking and classifying all types of aerial targets - cruise missiles, drones and aeroplanes as well as helicopters.

HENSOLDT has decades of experience with radar systems for air defence and is actively driving the further development of key technologies in this field. In addition to the TRML-4D high-performance radar, the company's portfolio includes the SPEXER short-range radar, the Twinvis passive radar and radars for securing ship and air traffic. Both the TRML-4D and the SPEXER are part of the German Armed Forces' NNbS air defence system for close and short-range protection, which was commissioned in January. HENSOLDT also supplies radars for the German Navy's frigates and corvettes, for airspace surveillance and for approach control at Bundeswehr airfields.


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