„We understand the customer operation and needs and develop corresponding competitive, innovative, and scalable solutions.“
Head of Situational Awareness & Operations Support Systems Engineering

I started out in Research and Technology on a PhD contract basis. Then I joined Engineering and worked on the NATO AWACS Aircraft. I became Chief Engineer for the Airbus A400M Mission Management System and thereafter I was appointed Head of Mission Management Systems & SW. I also did mobility in France for a duration of 2 years.  

As Head of Avionics Engineering my responsibility covers all System, Software, and (Sensor Hardware) Engineering tasks for Situational Awareness and Operations Support Systems and corresponding specific Software Blocks. This includes the building up, maintenance and in particular continuous improvement of the professional expertise. Moreover, I am also the technical site manager at Friedrichshafen. Our engineers in Friedrichshafen work in integrated teams and team up with the other departments in Ulm and Taufkirchen.


HENSOLDT offers me the opportunity to make my personal contribution and participate in a high technology industry to detect and protect. At HENSOLDT, we are committed to agility, innovation and collaboration.

HENSOLDT in 3 words  

Innovation, Excellence, Detect and protect