Homeland Security

HENSOLDT expertise in service of security

The security requirements of law enforcement services vary enormously, according to the threat and physical situation.  Some peaceful borders just require regular, tuned to threat monitoring, whilst others demand intensive surveillance, with intervention a regular occurrence.

HENSOLDT’s military accredited and vast sensor portfolio allows for the creation of flexible, scalable systems, tough enough to meet the demands of any border, immigration or security services requirement.

Border Surveillance

Day and night border surveillance across great expanses

The forces tasked to monitor vast frontiers need powerful, long-range sensors and optics to detect conspicuous activities and spot informative details from afar. Our security solutions are well-suited for monitoring land and sea borders. They can be adjusted to the specfic tasks and are interconnected. We offer a complete, modular surveillance suite which consists of optronic and radar sensors as well as the hard- and software for surveillance haedquarters. In these headquarters all the information is bundled so that the security or military forces on site can monitor hundreds of kilometers of border concurrently.


Wildlife Protection

Protection of precious wildlife

HENSOLDT leads the way in wildlife protection. We specialize in the ability to supply custom made solutions according to the environment that they must protect, ranging from dense forests or river beds to flat wastelands and deserts. Drawing on our experience of military surveillance systems, HENSOLDT can supply a full concept of operation including support with reaction tactics.

With a long established history and expert technical knowledge, we ensure that our clients understand the cost of ownership related to long-term system operation and maintenance. Our systems focus on reducing manpower requirements as well as minimizing the human risk factor.

Our systems are, for example, installed in South Africa, to protect the precious wildlife from poaching criminals.

Immigration and Fishery Protection

Surveillance even under extreme weather conditions, such as haze and fog

Coastal areas are extremely difficult to monitor. For one because of the huge amount of different shaped objects to distinguish, from small, fast boasts up to heavy, slow tankers. For another because of the weather conditions with haze and fog which can impact viewing distances dramatically. HENSOLDT therefore offers powerful sensors and high-end C2 software for surveillance applications in coastal areas. Our cameras with long-range surveillance capabilities can spot boats at distances of 20 or even 30 kilometres and they are robust enough to easily withstand coastal climatic conditions.

In addition, our radars are capable of decluttering the clutter and give precise information about the range, angle and velocity of objects. With automated detection, tracking and identification capabilities our security solutions make it easy to surveillance coastal areas.

Detecting Espionage and Covert Activities

Counter covert drone activities or spying on the electromagnetic spectrum

Covert operations to gather intelligence are becoming increasingly frequent. Especially newly available technology make it easier to gather insights – be it by drone which can easily infiltrate protected areas, take pictures and be used as listening device or be it on the electromagnetic spectrum by intercepting communication signals.

Therefore it is important for military forces but also for businesses and government institutions to protect themselves from such activities. HENSOLDT offers solutions to counter UAV intrusions as well as devices to monitor the electromagnetic spectrum preventing interception.