Reconnaissance and Surveillance

Making the invisible visible – at day and night

A patrol is out on a long-range recon mission to probe what may be unfriendly territory. The clouds hang low and heavy winds are kicking up dust. Visibility is poor, so the scouts can’t call on air support for intel or, in a pinch, for added fire power. And lightly armoured vehicles are soft targets, so their crews need to know exactly what may be out there.

Modern-day pathfinders sent out to reconnoitre the terrain and gather information deep in potentially hostile territory simply cannot do without surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. HENSOLDT has developed the means to detect and identify objects with authority. Even on routine patrols dispatched to reconnoitre a familiar area or to observe movements, crews benefit tremendously from our radar and optronics system for detection and identification.

Our sensor solutions can detect and identify targets in distances of many kilometres, at day and night, through hay, fog or sand storms. You can be sure that we have the right solution for your reconnaissance and surveillance needs.

Optronic reconnaissance and surveillance

Proven in action

Tried and tested by land forces across the world, we provide highly advanced optronic systems for reconaissance and surveillance which enhance visibility greatly. Our systems come with the latetst generation thermal imagers, day vision zoom cameras and laser rangefinders. We offer systems for mobile or stationary use, for lightly armoured vehicles or surveillance towers.

Our multi-sensor systems bear up under challenging climatic conditions such as extreme and drastically fluctuating temperatures. And their range can be long: they are able to reach across many kilometres to spot persons, vehicles or manned and unmanned aircaft.

Radar-based reconnaissance and surveillance

Monitoring air, land and sea

From ground-based air defence radars, weapon location radars up to mobile and stationary security surveillance radars - HENSOLDT offers the right solution for radar-based surveillance to identify and track targets for multiple applications. Ground forces can rely on our state-of-the-art radar technology.