Airborne Mission Management System


  • Ground control stations to command and control remote payloads onboard unmanned surveillance platforms such as aerostats and drones
  • Airborne mission management systems for manned, multi-sensor platforms in basic surveillance applications with a single operator
  • Multi-console, integrated mission system with extensive mission suite of multiple sensors and effectors. Typically adapted to larger platforms for long-range, multi-role maritime patrol or ISTAR operations


See everything, know everything: detect, locate, identify, track and report all target types in your areas of interest, on land or at sea. From the skies, affirm your sovereignty, assist your at-sea units, support your ground troops and inform your command.

ARGOSIA is a powerful mission management system designed for deployment on airborne surveillance and reconnaissance missions over maritime spaces to support air-sea and air-land operations.

ARGOSIA is built on a robust software core designed to collect, process and display detection data from integrated sensors to establish a recognised tactical overview of the battlespace. Its package of sophisticated, decision-support tools gives the crew advanced tactical situation assessment capabilities.

The ARGOSIA mission management system is available in a range of customisable configurations, from the most basic solution for light ISR aircraft to the most comprehensive system architecture for maritime patrol or C3ISTAR applications, meeting every possible requirement of intelligence-gathering or air-based ground surveillance missions.

Main benefits

  • Modular, scalable and customisable
  • Full integration of a wide array of sensors
  • Improved, reliable tactical battlespace assessment
  • Powerful decision-support tools
  • Secures all essential ISR functions
  • Multi-agency interoperability thanks to tactical data link and communications integration



In this configuration, ARGOSIA serves as a ground system specifically designed for remote control of payloads on unmanned ISR platforms while ensuring tactical command of the mission. Its environment can manage multiple sensor types, including surveillance radars, EO-IR cameras and transmission systems.

  • Light, modular design
  • Easy to deploy
  • Fully in line with mobility needs of operational units

ARGOSIA Surveillance

In this variant, ARGOSIA is a qualified hardware solution consisting of a single-station console designed with light air reconnaissance assets in mind. The system is operated by a single dedicated sensor and tactical management operator located in the aircraft cabin.

  • All of the vector’s ISR features
  • Single workstation
  • Increased detection capabilities
  • Clearly displays tactical situations


This multipurpose, adaptable and platform-agnostic turnkey configuration is based on a robust and powerful software core. The system is optimised to allow crews to collect, process and display sensor data on a user-friendly interface, establishing a reliable tactical overview of aircraft patrol zones.

  • Multi-sensor, multi-console solution
  • Well suited to long-range surveillance
  • Powerful decision-support tools
  • Accelerated decision-making process




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