Platform Protection

Ensuring the air forces’ lethality and survivability

The use of aircraft is increasingly restricted by radar-based, highly integrated air defence systems and weapons operating beyond the horizon line.

In view of this situation, only modern self-defence and jamming systems can ensure the air forces’ lethality and survivability. Infrared and UV sensors as well as radar warning receivers automatically trigger defence systems and support the pilots in critical situations.

UV-based missile warning

Detect missiles with extremely low false alarm rates

UV-based passive imaging sensors detect the UV radiation signature of approaching missiles with extremely low false alarm rates.

In particular, they enhance the protection of helicopters, wide-body aircraft and fighters against shoulder-fired infrared-guided missiles.

Infrared-based missile warning

Detect attacking missiles at long ranges

IR-based missile approach warners detect attacking missiles at long ranges and direct target-effective counter measures very precisely.

Radar warning

Detect radar-based threats early and reliably

With the help of the latest artificial intelligence and digital signal processing methods, our Kalaetron Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) detects radar-based threats early and reliably.

Digital RWRs increase the assertiveness of aircraft and helicopters and their survivability, especially in view of the increasingly dense signal spectrum and the growing threat posed by highly integrated air defence systems.