HENSOLDT Border Protection

Situational awareness tailored for border protection

National borders present huge security challenges. There are thousands of kilometres to be monitored, varied landscapes, a lack of infrastructure and a range of emerging threats to citizens and critical infrastructure. This includes piracy, terrorism, migrant smuggling, trafficking of hazardous goods and other cross-border crime activities.

Protection against these threats is essential for a nation’s homeland security, economic prosperity and national sovereignty. Our portfolio is based on high-end technology to detect vehicles, people, drones and vessels at a large distance under the harshest environments, facilitating appropriate border control as well as lawful trade and travel.

Border challenges

  • Surveillance gaps on air, land and sea borders
  • Unauthorized movement of goods and people
  • International boundaries with unclear demarcated areas
  • Threats to the safety and security of communities at the border
  • Topography and environmental challenges
  • Lack of IT infrastructure in remote areas
  • Number of border-crossing points to coordinate and maintain
  • Cross-border crime activities


As one-stop-shop for multiple, networked security and surveillance solutions, HENSOLDT offers complete border security solutions with a strong focus on mid and long-range surveillance including relevant intelligence like OSINT to enhance situational awareness.

Therefore we have developed a variety of pre-configured solutions for multiple applications, reducing implementation complexity and allowing for physical relocation. With our user-friendly Command and Control software, remotely controlled situational awareness is guaranteed. As additional benefit for customer nations, our border protection technologies can be integrated with existing border security systems.


Scenario: Temporary surveillance zones

Rapidly evolving conflict zones due to unpredictable events at the border. Temporary disputes in a specific location that do not require permanent surveillance, but need rapidly deployable solutions. Requirements for monitoring events and sharing relevant information to the authorities in real time.

Example: Short-range mobile

Fixed or mobile installation for short/mid-range surveillance

  • Trailer, mast or vehicle
  • Cameras e.g. NightOwl
  • Radars e.g. Spexer 360
  • 3rd party urban radars
  • RF sensors
  • Sensor fusion
  • Independent power generation

Scenario: Filling border coverage gaps

Key “hard-to-get-to” zones to be monitored along the border with challenging environmental conditions and a lack of IT infrastructure. Requirements for semi-permanent equipment with the option of relocation and mid-range surveillance missions.

Example: Mid-range shelter

Preconfigured shelter solutions with the option to relocate

  • IT equipped shelter
  • Camera e.g. NightOwl ZM
  • Radars e.g. Spexer 500
  • Direction finders e.g. SkyScan7x
  • Jammers
  • Sensor fusion

Scenario: Complete border surveillance

Areas that require long-distance surveillance to effectively detect illegal intrusions up to several kilometres away in real time and automatically. Requirements of end-to-end border protection solutions from planning, implementation and evaluation with complete fixed infrastructure

Example: Long-range fixed installation

Long-range surveillance to ensure safety and security along the whole border.

  • Camera e.g. NightOwl M
  • Land radars e.g. Spexer 2000
  • Sensor fusion
  • Command and Control (C2) stations
  • IT infrastructure




HENSOLDT´s border protection is available in multiple configurations with different individual sensor systems for different scenarios and requirements.



Operating mode

Knowing, understanding, acting

HENSOLDT´s border protection is working in a three step funcionality: A mix of sensors detects and tracks potential threats, so that the operators know there is something out there. By using smart sensors and machine-learning technologies, our solutions can verify and classify the detected threats – they understands what is happening. Based on this, operators can react directly by a variety of integrated effectors to defeat or mitigate the identified danger.

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