Sensor solutions for land vehicles​

Information overkill means having too much information in too short a time to be able to process it adequately. This is not only the case with the online flood of information but is also experienced by the crews of military platforms: Numerous systems such as radar, optronics or electronic warfare systems generate a huge, continuous amount of data which needs to be monitored and analysed by the crew in a matter of seconds.

As more and more sensors are added to vehicles, information overkill becomes an unsurmountable challenge for land forces. The solution – Ceretron by HENSOLDT. The sensor suite combines sensors, fuses their data streams, evaluates and processes them in seconds and provides an AI-supported operational picture to the crew, thus enabling them to make smarter decisions even faster.

Enabling any mission

Ceretron can be flexibly configured for multiple applications:

  • Observation and targeting
  • Situational awareness
  • Reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Platform and force protection
  • Electronic support and attack


HENSOLDT Ceretron is a sensor suite that pre-integrates sensors such as optronics, radar, self-protection and electronic warfare sensors and converts their data into mission-relevant information.

HENSOLDT Ceretron can network a wide variety of heterogeneous sensors, stemming either from the vast HENSOLDT portfolio or from third-party systems.

The data streams are fused, which means that the different information from the spectra is combined to form one image. The data streams are processed and automatically evaluated, providing a smart operational picture for forces on site and mission control.

Our solution provides a significant advantage in the situation determination process. The user is now able to significantly reduce effort in the sensor gathering phase to employ this extra capacity in timely decision-making based on a much greater situational awareness than ever before.

The detection, classification and localisation of the operator’s sensor fields of view are achieved using image processing and machine learning algorithms. The sensor data fusion hardens the information obtained and significantly reduces false alarms.

With this solution, a process that currently takes minutes can be shortened to milliseconds. What one operator sees is now instantly available to everyone.

The one in the know controls the battlefield

  • Make decisions faster and smarter with an automatically reduced workload thanks to AI.
  • Gain superhuman situational awareness by smartly combining data streams from multiple sensors.
  • Give everyone the information that is needed when it is needed by networking multiple vehicles, individuals and the control room
  • Fit the solution to suit your vehicle fleet: Ceretron is platform-independent and can be installed on any land forces vehicle.

Main benefits

HENSOLDT ensures information superiority and supports users by using decentralised artificial intelligence to automatically reduce their workload, enabling effective and highly efficient reconnaissance, target acquisition and transfer of target data across the battlefield.

This enables the setup to surpass human capability in many ways, including – but not limited to – being able to see through armour, observe across different spectra – especially into the infrared – and look in multiple directions simultaneously.

HENSOLDT pursues a bottom-up approach by first networking all the reconnaissance sensor technology within a vehicle. We also ensure that the sensor data obtained can be networked across multiple vehicles. This incremental approach guarantees that we always keep the big picture in mind but that decisive capability gains can be achieved in the short term.


To meet your mission needs, Ceretron can be flexibly configured. It can network a wide variety of heterogeneous sensors, stemming either from the vast HENSOLDT portfolio or from third-party systems.

The main recommended configurations are combined in the Ceretron sensor suite packages Heavy Combat, Medium Combat, Light Combat and Recce.

Heavy Combat

Focus platform: main battle tanks (MBT)

  • Minimal latency for target acquisition and self-protection
  • Augmented reality for the gunner and commander
  • Self-protection integration including cross-platform instant alarms
  • Assisted target identification based on multi-sensor data fusion and object detection
  • Mesh networks empowering a shared information superiority for solid decisions

Light Combat

Focus platform: Armoured personnel carriers (APC)

  • Efficient 360° situational awareness functionality for crew
  • Assisted object recognition combined with mesh-network-shared information to drive knowledge-based decisions
  • Optional RWS targeting integration

Medium Combat

Focus platform: Infantry fighting vehicles (IFV)

  • Enhanced situational awareness in challenging environments via persistent 360° VIS/IR, including high vertical FoV for urban operations
  • Integration of vision systems with self-protection for own platform and allied platforms
  • Assisted target identification based on multi-sensor data fusion
  • Mesh networks empowering a shared information superiority
  • Integration with C-UAS functionality, e.g. short-range MIMO radar


Focus platform: Reconnaissance vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles

  • Persistent observation for the full electro-magnetic spectrum (VIS, IR, UV, radio, radar and acoustic)
  • Assisted object recognition to support interactive information generation and target sharing
  • Long Range performance incl. unattended sensing
  • Offline (RAW-)data collection limited to relevant content
  • On-request push-synchronization or optional instant data-sync within a mesh network connected to BMS


Ceretron combines multiple sensors from HENSOLDT broad sensor portfolio. The configuration is flexible, according to your mission needs.




Integration benefits

Why HENSOLDT is the right partner for smart situational awareness

For the realisation of this system, HENSOLDT has the necessary and specific understanding of sensors in the entire spectral range. We accelerate the situational awareness process for planning and decision-making by automating sensor data.

Customers can configure their personal suite according to their own requirements thanks to the modular structure of the individual systems – and thus take a decisive step towards information sovereignty.

Reducing integration risk

  • HENSOLDT = Solution developer and provider
  • Understanding of the operator’s capability requirements and challenges
  • In-house sensor competence in every wavelength
  • Extensive experience in vast, automated sensor networks
  • Expert in processing and evaluating various sensor data
  • Working closely with emerging technologies to ensure we are always at least one step ahead
  • Able to integrate other type of sensor suits

It’s not fiction: Ceretron meets IDV MUV

HENSOLDT demonstrates how far the sensor fusion capabilities of Ceretron have already matured with a military utility vehicle (MUV) concept demonstrator. The demonstration vehicle was developed in cooperation with the Italian vehicle manufacturer Iveco Defence Vehicles (IDV).

With this vehicle, Ceretron, as a modular sensor suite, was presented installed on a live vehicle for the first time. With this installed Ceretron configuration, the MUV can be used for surveillance and reconnaissance and for self-protection and convoy protection in the civilian and military sectors.