Electronic Support & Attack

Gain spectrum superiority

Military operations are more and more executed in the information environment. Thus, forces need to be able to rely on state-of-the-art electronic warfare solutions to montiro and control the electromagnetic spectrum. HENSOLDT is a leading provider of electronic attack (EA), electronic support (ES) and electronic protection as well as countermeasure solutions.

We empower forces to be in control of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Electronic Support / SIGINT

See and know more

The detection, location, analysis and identification and potential capability degradation of radar threats is a high priority for battle commanders. Our electronic support solutions achieve these capabilities superbly. They detect radio and radar signals, identify the originators and create a comprehensive overview of the situation in real time.

EW Commanders rely on our communications electronic support (CES) solutions to intercept and analyse communications on enemy networks and locate emitters using our state-of-the-art wideband direction finding (DF) sensors. We provides integrated COMINT solutions on land-mobile and tactical platforms covering the HF, V/UHF and SHF frequency bands.

Electronic Attack / Jamming

Take control of the electromagnetic spectrum

Controlling an adversary’s ability to communicate and make use of the EM spectrum is critical in today’s digital battlespace. Our land-mobile, tactical and strategic communications jamming solutions are unrivalled in their ability to suppress HF, V/UHF and SHF communications.

With advanced jamming modes such as true synchronised hopper-follower technology in the V/UHF solutions, even modern fast-hopping tactical radio nets are reliably countered.