Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Guiding aircraft safely to their destination

In view of the increasing volume of air traffic, the reliable control and management of aircraft movements is one of the most important prerequisites for safe flying.

The decisive element is air traffic control radar systems, which provide ATC authorities with a comprehensive overview of the situation and which guide individual aircraft safely to their destination.

Airspace surveillance

Reliable approach and terminal guidance

Air traffic controllers direct aircraft safely based on interrogation signals emitted by secondary radars which are answered by means of transponders on-board aircraft in the vicinity.

Non-cooperative aircraft can be detected by primary radars. Together, these signal patterns allow for reliable approach and terminal guidance as well as area control.

Aircraft Identification

Identification of individual aircraft

Within the common air picture, real-time signal processing of secondary, active or passive radars enables the identification of individual aircraft including specific data such as destination, number of passengers, altitude etc.

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