Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR)

Precise information - optimal vision

Based on our decades of experience with sensor technologies, we are able to translate core elements of the decision chain into customer-specific solutions – from detection to classification and identification, i.e. from signal processing to data transmission.

We are driving the development of high-performance sensors because we believe that only high-end technology allows our customers to fulfil their mission and to cope with ever-changing threats, while providing the best possible protection for security forces and soldiers in action.

We create synergies between airborne, ground-based and marine systems, but also between the various sensor technologies.


Observation and targeting for surface vessels

Detect threats, take decisive action

Once threats or targets have been detected, decisive action is necessary to neutralize them while avoiding collateral damage. Secure weapon guidance requires specific sensors and software modes.

Our optronic solution is well suited for operational applications in the naval and coast guard domains Our naval surveillance system meets the requirements for observation, target recognition and tracking for ships in the classes IPV, OPV and Corvette. Its superior operational characteristics in all sea states , weather and light conditions aid effective search, tracking and pursuit demands, and significantly aids search and rescue missions.

In addition, our state-of-the-art surveillance and target acquisition radars dependably identify and track potential targets. They offer ships like offshore patrol vessels, corvettes and frigates to exert the different functions of a shipborne surveillance and target acquisition radar, in blue waters and in complex littoral environment with high target densities.

ISTAR capabilities for submarines

Optronic solutions for ISTAR missions

Gathering intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance are main objectives of modern submarine missions. To effectively fulfil these missions, submarines need state-of-the-art technology for periscopes and optronic mast systems. These solutions have to be not only viable for new built submarines but also for older types, whose life cycle is to be extended.

Additionally, the trend to use twin optronic mast systems opens new possibilities for structural set-ups, allowing to rethink combat organization and procedures in the operations room of submarines. Sensor fusion enables submarines to identify targets and hostile movements by day and night.

HENSOLDT is market leader for conventional submarine optronics.

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