Critical National Infrastructure Protection

We offer solutions to protect CNI

Finding the right security solution to balance budget and risk is a major challenge for any commercial operation. HENSOLDT's flexibility allows the selection and configuration of just the right combination of electro-optical, radar and electronic warfare equipment to deliver optimized solutions.

This allows operators to protect business assets and the safety of the public, whilst looking after the bottom line. HENSOLDT's solutions for security applications safeguard critical operations around the globe including numerous airports, power generation facilities and national heritage sites.

HENSOLDT solutions even protect critical food resources and safeguard the R&D operations of major multi-nationals from industrial espionage.


Airport protection

Counter UAV: Detect – Identify – Control – Act

Several incidents within the last years revealed that there is a rapidly emerging threat caused by small, cheap and commercially available UAVs. Threatening situations may result from thrill seekers who fly drones into prohibited areas or above people and facilities. But also from much graver illegal uses such as espionage, smuggling, sabotage or terrorism. Drones can record video or microphone as well as carry and drop prohibited items, toxic materials or even explosives.

The threat from drones should not be underestimated. Especially airports are faced with the challenge to counter UAVs as they can impede with the working of the entire airport. HENSOLDT offers a state-of-the-art counter UAV solution. It combines various types of sensors and effectors for protection against small drones in any situation and can easily be configured to individual needs, airport size, existing ATC and ATM.

Protecting oil and gas production facilities

Ensuring the safety of vital facilities

Oil and Gas production facilities are crucial for ensuring nations energy supplies. If the facilities are subjected to attacks or other illegal activities such as oil theft, production can be severely interreupted which in turn can lead to a major energy crises.

Therefore, keeping oil and gas production facilities safe is a prerogative, not just for the producers but also of Federal Governments and international institutions. HENSOLDT offers a variety of security solutions for this purpose.

Safeguarding stadiums and large public events

The threat from the sky

Drones are not just a threat to the safety of airports, but can also be used for attacks on large public events in the open. As they can carry and drop prohibited items, such as toxic materials or even explosives, they can be instrumentalized for terrorist attacks.

HENSOLDT’s state-of-the art counter UAV solution Xpeller can help protect from these threats. Our solution is scalable and adaptable to different threat scenarios. It has already been successfully installed for the protection of different public events in Europe.

Historic site protection

Keeping cultural heritage sites safe

Historic sites represent societies’ political, cultural, military as well as social history. They are a symbol for cultural heritage. As such, they can become a target for terrorist attacks and, therefore need special protection.

HENSOLDT’s security solutions bear up under challenging climatic conditions such as extreme and drastically fluctuating temperatures. And their range can be long: Our cameras are able to reach across many kilometres to spot persons, vehicles and even registration plates.

Thus, our solutions can be an important building block in protecting historic sites from vicious attacks.