HENSOLDT Kalaetron Integral

Fully integrated SIGINT system

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) is of absolute essence to identify the intentions and systems used by the enemy, its communication networks, internal structures and thus identifying the electronic order of battle.

Therefore, Kalætron Integral has been developed by HENSOLDT as part of the Kalaetron product family to provide a fully integrated air SIGINT solution.


  • Track enemy location and movement
  • Identify communication structure
  • Generate electronic order of battle
  • Create holistic situational awareness picture in real-time


Kalætron Integral is a scalable, platform-agnostic SIGINT solution that covers COMINT and ELINT and enables strategic and tactical SIGINT missions. Extensive detection ranges allow the system to operate from safe airspace.

Kalaetron Integral is a turn-key solution available in various configurations:

  • Integrated SIGINT
  • SIGINT Pod


  • Strategic situational awareness
  • Gain actionable intelligence
  • Integrated ELINT & COMINT
  • Platform-agnostic (manned, unmanned, POD)
  • Exceptional detection range

Main benefits

  • Being one step ahead through information superiority – know the war before the war
  • Combining military intelligence with OSINT information
  • Gaining relevant information from the congested electromagnetic spectrum
  • Minimal training effort for SIGINT operators through intuitive HMI

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