HENSOLDT Kalaetron Integral

Fully integrated SIGINT system

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) is of absolute essence to identify the intentions and systems used by the enemy, its communication networks, internal structures and thus identifying the electronic order of battle.

Therefore, Kalætron Integral has been developed by HENSOLDT as part of the Kalaetron product family to provide a fully integrated air SIGINT solution.


  • Track enemy location and movement
  • Identify communication structure
  • Generate electronic order of battle
  • Create holistic situational awareness picture in real-time


Kalaetron Integral is an airborne SIGINT solution that provides a comprehensive strategic asset for wide-area reconnaissance, mastering the challenges posed by today’s electromagnetic spectrum. The system seamlessly integrates intelligence gathered from both radar signals (ELINT) and communication signals (COMINT), providing unparalleled performance across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

The system features exceptional accuracy, high sensitivity, a broad frequency range and extended time on station. The combination of superior altitude and long range enables the system to cover vast areas at a safe distance from potential threats. The highly automated workflows are powered by machine learning and AI algorithms, which accelerate the decision-making while reducing the workload of operators.

These capabilities are essential in providing armed forces and governmental authorities with a constantly evolving view of the electromagnetic order of battle.

On screen




  • Integrated automatic COMINT and ELINT capabilities
  • Continuous frequency coverage from < 30 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Automatically generated and constantly updated electronic order of battle
  • AI-supported big-data management to store,share and analyse intelligence
  • Multi-platform / multi-domain operations

Main benefits

  • One holistic SWaP-C-optimised sensor suite
  • High-performance holistic reconnaissance throughout the whole electromagnetic spectrum
  • Instantaneous actionable intelligence from signals gathered
  • Real-time superior situation awareness for decision-making
  • Combines insights from various platforms in all domains into one intelligence picture

Kalaetron Integral impressions

Kalaetron Integral impressions

Kalaetron Integral impressions

Kalaetron Integral meets Bombardier Global 6000

Bombardier’s Global 6000 aircraft is the platform of choice by the German Air Force and the Cyber Command CIR to integrate HENSOLDT´s Kalætron Integral SIGINT system for airborne surveillance missions.

Learn more about the significant progress on aircraft modification for the German PEGASUS program in the video below.