Air Mission Management

Plan, prepare, be in control

Aircraft and helicopter missions must be planned and prepared in detail. Special tactical manoeuvres, such as airdropping equipment, flying through danger zones at low altitude or air-to-air refuelling, must be carried out safely in coordination with flight control.

Moreover, the crews involved must react to changes in the tactical situation during a mission, and the experience gained must be evaluated after landing for the benefit of future missions.

To this end, HENSOLDT has developed extremely powerful avionics computers and computer-assisted ground support systems that enable the safe execution of air missions as well as the efficient planning of resources and maintenance intervals.

Mission preparation, execution, analysis and debriefing

Planning a mission – reliably and within a few minutes

Our operational support stations optimize mission preparation using database informationas well as realtime tactical data. Extensive analysis and debriefing capabilities insert mission experience into the lesson-learnt process.

We offer all–in-one-network-based and modular solutions for all needs related to mission preparation, execution and analysis. Flight Operations, Aircraft Performance, Weight and Balance, Maps and other databases; everything is included and accessed. Thus a mission network between multiple assets to enhance situational awareness can be created within minutes.

Record, manage and share flight data

Stay connected

Our product family of flight data recorders contain all the necessary sensors for recording mission data such as altitude and direction, engine temperature and speed as well as the pilots’ voices and maintenance data.

In addition, our connectivtity and cloud solutions allow to manage and share data easily and effectivly in a secure environment.

Optimize aircraft availability

Reduce life cycle cost, optimize availability

Our solutions support armed and security forces to reduce the life cycle costs of their fleet by providing optimum work orders and avoiding unnecessary measures.

This will maximise the number of aircraft ready for operation, reduce downtime and maintenance costs.


Airborne Computing

Core of avionic system architecture

The requirements for military airborne platforms such as interoperability, sensor integration and pilot assistance are continually increasing. Therefore, military mission systems require high-performance avionics computers which at the same time fulfill DO-254/DO-178 safety certification regulations.

With our certified and qualified airborne computers and flight control systems we offer small, compact, lightweight and flexibly controlled solutions to improve mission operations and meet the needs of various users and platforms.