Situational Awareness

Know what's happening around you

Threats in war missions are becoming increasingly confusing. The battlefield is highly complex, especially in operations against irregular guerrilla forces that can submerge in the civilian population, carry out unexpected attacks, are more agile, more adapted and more surprising.

This makes it all the more important to keep track of the situation. Accurate information about enemy formations and other associated intelligence is very important during missions. Crews are able to respond much faster and – if necessary – acquire targets much sooner.

However, this is extremely difficult for ground troops and the crews of armoured vehicles. HENSOLDT has the capability to give mounted as well as infantry forces, on the move or stationary, the equipment they need to always know what is happening around them.


Situational awareness for ground forces

Mobile, flexible and interconnected

Being at all times aware of ones surrounding becomes a challenge in military operations. The instability of the situation with chaotic noises and movement hinders soldiers to processes information properly. To meet this challenge, HENSOLDT has designed integrated digital systems to support decision-making for military personnel in unknown environments.

Our optical and optronic systems include image enhancement, automated tracking software as well as laser rangefinders and designators which help soldiers to identify and assess the situation. In addition, our spectrum monitoring solutions provide valuable information on how the radio and other communications spectrums are utilized by enemy forces. Our integrated tactical and strategic electronic warfare systems deliver intelligence and the tactical situational pictures to operational commanders when they need them most.

Situational awareness for armoured vehicles

Giving armoured vehicle crews the neccessary overview

In recent decades, armoured vehicles have been extensively adapted to provide the best possible protection against mines and armour-piercing ammunition. This also includes the reduction of direct vision systems, as these require openings in the armour that can be exploited as weak points, making it difficult for crews to assess their sourrounding.

We offer for armoured vehicles a new technical solution to provide crews with an overview of the situation which gives mounted infantry man a 360° look-around image stream of the surrounding from within the vehicle. This way, mounted infantry troops can assess the situation before they dismount from the vehicle.