Sensors and avionics ensure information superiority

Systems for aviation-related applications – no matter whether it is equipment on board aircraft or sensors on the ground – have been part of HENSOLDT’s core expertise for decades. Thanks to the innovations developed in close contact with our customers, these systems will continue to be one of the cornerstones of our business in the future.

Air forces are the most flexible part of any defence system. They can be on the spot within minutes and react immediately to threats. To fulfil their mission, they need one thing above all else: information. The right information at the right time in the right place.

This also applies to ground units which monitor airspace, which control air defence systems and which ensure the safety of air traffic in general. To ensure that comprehensive solutions are available in all these areas, HENSOLDT is driving the development of central sensor technologies.

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Our air traffic control radar systems provide ATC authorities with a comprehensive overview of the situation and guide individual aircraft safely to their destination.

Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)

HENSOLDT provides the latest generation identification systems (Mode 5), which reliably distinguish between enemy and friendly units.

Platform Protection

Our modern self-defence and jamming systems ensure the air forces’ lethality and survivability.

Air Defence

Our modern, long-ranging radar systems monitor airspace and, if necessary, precisely direct defensive weapons and control fire systems.

Airborne ISR & ISTAR

HENSOLDT's sensor systems support all needs of military and security forces for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance missions.

Situational Awareness

We provide a comprehensive overview of the situation by combinating different sensor types and integrating information from maps, databases and vision enhancement systems.

Air Mission Management

HENSOLDT has developed extremely powerful avionics computers and computer-assisted ground support systems that enable the safe execution of air missions as well as the efficient planning of resources and maintenance intervals.

Airborne Electronic Support & Electronic Attack

We provide systems for the acquisition and identification of communications signals and other electromagnetic emissions as well as jammers to disrupt enemy signals.