Cabling Services

For assembly, installation, modification, maintenance, testing and verification


  • Agile and lean project management and execution
  • Specific cabeling knowledge and many years of substantial experience
  • Supporting cable types, waveguides and connectors for own and third party products
  • Tooling for cable assembly available in a broad variety
  • Mobile service team for on-site or on-platform installation with qualified, licensed and security cleared staff
  • Great variety of cables, waveguides and connectors on stock
  • Experienced on many platforms and in different environments worldwide
  • Special tooling, test and measuring equipment to ensure highest quality standards in service


HENSOLDT produces cable harnesses and provides an installation service on naval and ground platforms for cabels, waveguides and connectors.

We offer the connection between different equipments (own and third party) on various systems. Our installation technicians at HENSOLDT site Kiel are properly trained on current cabling techniques and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and dedication to quality.

Selection of References

  • On-board service for German naval ships Link11, Link16, UHF SATCOM
  • Installation of military and civil air traffic control radars (ASR) worldwide
  • Installation of military radar systems on german naval platforms (eg.TRS-4D/MSSR 2000I on german frigate F125)
  • Installation of Automatic Identification System on board german naval fleet
  • Installation of Vessel Trafic System Geman coast

Product Impressions

Connector panel

Product Impressions

Cabeling service in field

Product Impressions

Water and air tight cable gland



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