Consortia and cooperations

Partnerships for a safer world

For HENSOLDT, the key to a technologically sovereign European Union lies in greater cooperation. This represents the only way to develop critical capabilities and ensure a competitive industrial base in the European Union. Therefore, HENSOLDT takes part in many defence development programmes initiated by the European Union, the NATO or some of its member states.

In cooperation with industry partners, our company realizes complex key projects, striving for a strong Europe and paving the way for a safer world.

As such, HENSOLDT has evolved into a renowned and trustworthy partner for sensor solutions, also as a result of intelligent partnership strategy and cooperation with local providers.


The Future Combat Air System (FCAS) is the largest European defence program of our time. On the German side, HENSOLDT leads a consortium, which holds national responsibility for the FCAS sensor prototype and its networked sensors and effectors.

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Border surveillance is a major topic for Southern Europe. Project NESTOR strives for increased vigilance including detection, reconnaissance, classification, and the tracking of moving targets.

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Germany and France are working on a new state-of-the-art tank, the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS). It is set to replace the current Leopard 2 and Leclerc main battle tanks. For this project, HENSOLDT strives to develop the game-changing networked sensor solution.

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Submarines 212CD

In a joint project by the German and Norwegian navies to modernize the submarine fleets, we will equip these naval forces with visual systems, generating a clear situational optical picture in all weather and light conditions.

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Eurofighter Upgrade

With integrated sensor systems from HENSOLDT, the Eurofighter is being taken to the next level of development to be ready for the decades to come. In this context we are handling the entire radar system as well as co-developing the protection system.

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The demand for advanced air defence has increased significally. That is why Rheinmetall, Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT cooperate to submit a tender for the future German short-range and very short-range air defence system.

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