Platform protection

Protection from laser and radar-based threats

To enable naval vessels to carry out their tasks and keep their crews safe, we equip boats, ships and submarines with self-defence systems.

Protection from laser-guided missiles

Self-protection capabilities for ships

Laser threats such as laser rangefinders and laser guidance systems are widely proliferated. Only laser warning devices can alert threatened ships and trigger appropriate countermeasures. We offer ESM systems which detect laser range finders, laser target designators and laser beam riders with an excellent efficiency in all bearings.

The systems provide ships with the capabilities to detect, intercept, identify and locate threats and thus provides the neccesary self-protection capabilities ships need.

Electronic self-protection

Electronic self-defence against hostile radar signals

Military airborne, shipborne, and ground based radar systems are designed around their ability to function in a jammed environment. Modern radars, e.g. pulsed Doppler radars, have a fixed phase relationship between the transmitted and received RF signals because they are operating on a basis of coherent processing.

Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFM) have become the core of any electronic jamming system. The DRFM is a device with storage methods in which the radar signal itself is stored, modulated with jamming signals and then retransmitted to the threat thus protecting vessels from radar-based threats.

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