Situational Awareness

For a comprehensive operational picture

In ports, coastal areas and even on the high seas, ships are increasingly exposed to asymmetric threats posed by small, fast boats or drones, for example. Detecting them and defending against them requires the clear differentiation of a potentially threatening object from the background, such as a large ship or a coastline.

Moreover, it must be possible to detect and repulse such small objects at an early stage, not only at a safe distance but also within the immediate vicinity of a ship. For this and to avoid unwanted collateral damage during a mission, both the captain and the political leadership need a comprehensive operational picture.

Situational awareness for surface vessels

Keep track of the surrounding

The control of sea lanes requires not only the wide-area situation picture but also the awareness of potentially threatening movements in the vicinity of surface ships.

For this, they need a number of optimized sensors detecting close-in movements and directing platform self-defence.

Situational awareness for submarines

Technical innovation for the best overview

Sophisticated sensor technologies and sensor fusion give submarines unique capabilities as stealthy platforms of surveillance and reconnaissance. Our heritage in submarine systems dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. In 1903 we developed and produced the world’s first fully functional periscope for the “FORELLE” submarine. Since then we have continuously been pushing technological boundaries, setting new standards and are a world leading company for periscopes and optronic masts.

Our systems enable the user to monitor surface and air activity, collect navigational data and to detect and identify targets.

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