Embedded naval surveillance and defence CMS


  • Anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare
  • Survey of maritime zones
  • Counter-piracy and counter-smuggling
  • SAR & SpecOps
  • Environmental protection
  • Fisheries control


LYNCEA is an open, modular combat management system allowing OPV and frigates capacities to monitor and establish a common maritime picture between several units compiling local sensors and tactical datalinks.

Thanks to its weapon management and decision-making tools, LYNCEA is multi-mission and efficient in various types of water warfare such as anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, EEZ protection, maritime or fisheries control, illegal trafficking, antipiracy, search and rescue...

By providing an overall view of the area of interest, LYNCEA enhances the situation awareness and command and control, and maximizes the efficiency of sensors and weapons. Based on a federated architecture, LYNCEA offers an affordable, flexible and upgradeable solution that can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Designed for RHIB, speed boats, OPV and frigates, LYNCEA hardware is robust and scalable to your needs from tablets to tactical multi-function consoles or multi-touch tactical tables.

Main Benefits

  • EASY SETUP: LYNCEA’s modular architecture can be adapted to any subsystem for
    easy, onboard integration (new building or retrofit).
  • INTUITIVE: The instinctual click-and-see user interface allows the operator to be
    multitasking and fully operative after a short-time training.
  • ROBUST: Combat proven, MIL-STD-810G and IP65


Acting under the principle of ‘Detect and Protect’, HENSOLDT has built up a comprehensive product portfolio and an excellent customer service.

Computing, C2


Additional options

Lyncea Mobile

Police or Commando
Robust tablet dedicated to Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIB). Providing tactical situation, chat, images and interception tools. Learn more

Link P

Operation centre and vessels
TDL or HF provide capacities to monitor larger areas and to coordinate assets. Providing operator with TACSIC, freetext and C2. Learn more


Command centre or frigate
Innovative, intuitive and multi-user display that opens up more effective approaches for mission planning and decision making.




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