Combine sensors, fuse information, know more. The true power of sensors comes to life when they are combined and connected. HENSOLDT is a leading provider of such networked sensor solutions in the area of radar, IFF, optronics and electronic warfare.

Airborne Solutions

With our wide portfolio of sensors and avionics equipment, we are a one-stop-shop for airborne technologies, enabling our customers to cope with their missions by fully integrating an airborne solution matching their individual concept of operations.

Land solutions

Military operators are inundated with data from various sensors, leaving them with even less time for assessment and reaction. To address these challenges, HENSOLDT develops sophisticated, networked sensor solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any armoured or security vehicle, tailored to meet the operational requirements of the customer.

Naval Solutions

The control of sea lanes and coastal regions is an indispensable task for every coastal state, which cannot be mastered without powerful sensors. As proven partner of the armed forces, HENSOLDT has developed a multitude of advanced sensor solutions for coastal surveillance, platform protection, navigation and signal intelligence.

Security Solutions

In addition to its military fields of competence, HENSOLDT provides flexible and configurable sensor solutions for security applications, law enforcement and civil use. Our capabilities range from the protection of critical infrastructure (e.g. airports) and large events to the efficient fight against poachers and smugglers.