HENSOLDT submarine solution

Visual system for underwater missions

Thanks to modern sensor technologies, submarines can be equipped with advanced capabilities as stealthy platforms of surveillance and reconnaissance. HENSOLDT´s experience in systems for use below the water surface already dates back over a hundred years.

In 1903, we brought the world’s first fully functional periscope to life, in use with the German submarine “Forelle”. Since then we have continuously strived to push technological boundaries and set new standards for periscopes and optronic masts – as we do with our latest submarine solution.

Supported platforms

  • SSKs (diesel driven submarines), e.g. Class 209
  • SSPs (submarines equipped with air independent propulsion systems) e.g. Class 214, Class 212
  • SSM midget submarines
  • Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)
  • SSN nuclear submarines


For full awareness of the surface environment, HENSOLDT provides submarine operators with a multi mast solution for attack, search and 360° situational awareness operations. Minimizing mast exposure through low profile attack mast either with a periscope or optronics mast system, allows submarines to stay on station longer and increases their stealth capability. Combined with a multi camera, highly capable search optronics mast, submarine operators have the maximum options for all weather and light conditions.

Finally, during routine snorkelling operations, the HENSOLDT OctoEye360 mounted on the snorkel mast, provides an unprecedented situational awareness of the surface environment with instant 360° staring capability in both visual and IR, with user supported software for detecting, tracking and identifying targets of interest.

Additional features

  • Logistic support analysis
    HENSOLDT maintains the technical publications using a common source database in accordance with the S1000D standard as well the Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) according S3000L. Therefore, all logistic data is available in a known, common specified format.
  • Customer service:
    Possibility to upgrade the systems currently in service to the latest sensor technology. Modular overhaul packages are designed to reduce the turnaround times of the systems to be repaired.
  • Workshops
    Supporting end users to use our system in their operations with extended training and spare parts through to fully functional periscope and optronics mast workshops, allowing navies to assume full maintenance and repair responsibility in their country.

Main benefits

No single optronics solution has ever provided submarine operators with as many options to ensure safe navigation and secure operational requirements through target validation and visual Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions as the HENSOLDT Submarine Solution.

This is possible through the powerful combination of our high-resolutionand infrared cameras, enabling surveillance and reconnaissance in all light and weather conditions, with innovative Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), which can be integrated into the tactical environment of the CMS or dedicated to a stand-alone console.

In every phase of a modernization project, HENSOLDT supports end users and shipyards, either helping a system integrator or assuming responsibility to deliver a complete, modernized underwater optronic system. Our diverse portfolio of products and system configurations can to respond to all requirements of a modern sub-marine force.


Acting under the principle of ‘Detect and Protect’, HENSOLDT has built up a comprehensive product portfolio and an excellent customer service.





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