Detect and Protect - for a safer world

HENSOLDT offers state-of-the-art flexible, configurable and integrated sensor solutions for wide variety of demanding security applications and civil use. The applications range from protecting critical infrastructure and large events, and effective measures against poachers and smugglers, through to sensors that monitor weather data from space.

These systems draw from the comprehensive HENSOLDT product portfolio, offering state of the art electro-optical, radar and electronic warfare technologies ranging from radar to RF direction finding, object tracking and identification, to drone effectors. All managed by a highly flexible, innovative Command and Control (C2) system, with powerful integration capabilities.

We offer entry-level systems up to larger scale installations, ideally suited to border security applications for instance. Whether the requirement is for static or mobile security, wide area monitoring or perimeter surveillance systems, HENSOLDT's system safeguard almost every asset from most threats, even in remote and difficult to access locations.

Automated algorithms and intelligent sensor networking support users in their work in control centres. HENSOLDT’s modular systems enable individual solutions for every customer requirement.

Homeland Security

HENSOLDT’s military accredited and vast sensor portfolio allows for the creation of flexible, scalable security solutions, which can be adapted flexibly to the needs of law enforcement and security forces.

Critical National Infrastructure Protection

HENSOLDT's integrated security solutions safeguard critical operations around the globe including numerous airports, power generation facilities and national heritage sites.

Military Base Protection

Military bases, whether temporary or permanent, require extra protection and vigilance. The HENSOLDT answer is a configurable, integrated, sensor system with radars, jammers and electro-optics at its core.