Detect and mitigate drone threats

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have made major technological steps in the last years becoming an important tool for most industries in a positive way. The developed capabilities across the unmanned aerial industry have made processes and tasks much easier at lower costs, making this technology accessible to more people.

However, small, inexpensive, and commercially available UAVs have increasingly become a real threat, when misused for illegal uses such as espionage, sabotage or terrorism. Xpeller is a autonomous system solution developed specifically to effectively detect, track, classify and mitigate unmanned aerial systems in a predefined protected zone.

Security threats posed by drones:

  • Operational disruption
  • Economic losses
  • Endangering people
  • Transporting explosives
  • Damage to assets, e.g., aircraft
  • Compromising national security
  • Reputational damage
  • Unauthorised intrusions
  • Espionage


Available in different configurations, Xpeller can be scaled and adapted to fulfil various operations such as protecting military and civil airports, ensuring constant long-range surveillance at key hot spots as well as safeguarding urban zones.   

There are several system configurations available. Xpeller can be attached to a building, mounted on shelters of different sizes, deployed on towers or even on vehicles or trailers. Finally, Xpeller can optionally be extended with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), when information about a possible threat is needed in advance to effectively protect people or a specific critical zone.

It combines state-of-the-art technology including radars, EO/IR cameras and direction finders, from which information is gathered, processed and fused into a user-friendly C2 software. It also features a jammer and a drone catcher to effectively mitigate uncooperative drones. Equipped with onboard artificial intelligence capability, the drone catcher follows the rogue drone in the air and captures it before bringing it to a safe position.

Our offer

  • Drone detection and classification for short, middle and long-range surveillance with various non-lethal countermeasure options
  • Fusion of multiple sensors with the option of adding, removing and upgrading system parts
  • Integration into your existing systems
  • A variety of pre-configured systems for multiple applications, reducing implementation complexity and allowing physical relocation of systems
  • Remotely controlled situational awareness and user-friendly command and control software
  • One contact and one supplier for multiple, networked security and surveillance solutions
  • Relevant intelligence to enhance situational awareness (e.g. OSINT, analytics)

Main benefits

  • High operational availability 
  • Low false alarm rate and high probability of interception
  • Modular, configurable, and scalable architecture
  • System configurable to operational requirements and platform-agnostic
  • Intuitive, multi-sensor Command & Control (C2) software
  • Integration and connectivity to other command and control platforms sites
  • Deployable on vehicles, fixed infrastructure or stand alone
  • Multiple options of counter measures including jamming, spoofing and other non-destructive electronic threat countermeasures
  • Possibility to interface to other kinetic countermeasures
  • One contact, one supplier for multiple, networked security and surveillance solutions


Airbase surveillance

Long range air surveillance for safety and security. Detection of drones and aircraft in military and civil airports. Connectivity to kinetic and non-kinetic countermeasures.

Example: military airbase solution

Long-range surveillance to ensure safety and security:

  • Camera, e.g., NightOwl M
  • Radars, e.g., Spexer 2000
  • Sensor fusion
  • Command and control (C2) stations
  • Mitigation options: kinetic and non-kinetic countermeasures

Event & VIP protection

Surveillance capabilities and effective drone mitigation during crowded public events and national festivities in specific zones. Providing a safe, drone-free space for the general public and/or VIPs.

Example: event solution

Mobile and rapidly deployable solutions for short and mid-range surveillance:

  • Drone catcher
  • Camera, e.g., NightOwl ZM
  • Radars, e.g., Spexer 600
  • RF sensors
  • Sensor fusion
  • Artificial intelligence

urban scenario

Protection of public areas, production sites, government buildings or critical urban infrastructures.

Example: Urban solution

Fixed or mobile installation for short and mid-range urban surveillance:

  • Camera, e.g., NightOwl ZM
  • RF sensors
  • Sensor fusion
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Radars, e.g., Spexer 600 and third-party urban radars




Xpeller is a family of C-UAV systems available in multiple configurations with different individual sensor systems for different scenarios and requirements.



Operating mode

Knowing, understanding, acting

HENSOLDT’s counter-UAV solution Xpeller works based on a three-step principle: a mix of sensors detects and tracks potential threats, so that the operators know there is something out there. By using smart sensor and machine-learning technologies, Xpeller can verify and classify the detected threats – it understands what is happening. It then reacts directly using a variety of integrated effectors to defeat or mitigate the identified danger.

Xpeller on screen