Controlling the information space

Spectrum Dominance in a complex and competitive world

To achieve mission success, military superiority is essential. In times of asymmetric threats, physical military presence alone is no longer the deciding factor. Today, data is much more than just a facilitator, it has become a full power lever, establishing information sovereignty and speeding up decision-making processes. The information advantage may be the decisive factor in mission success.

In the information age, it has become possible to amass large quantities of raw data. HENSOLDT’s Spectrum Dominance division offers highly specialised sensors and intelligent software to process the information and distil the essential intelligence from this. It combines the existing capabilities and disciplines of electronic warfare with new approaches. Among its solutions are artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and cognitive systems. HENSOLDT thus guarantees its customers’ information superiority, so that they are always in control of the information space.

Strategic and Tactical Intelligence

The acquisition and analysis of information supports overall situational awareness. This is true both, for immediate action and for the long-term collection of data. The information gathered can come from the interception of communications or from non-communications electromagnetic radiations such as radars. When it comes to tactical intelligence, time is of the essence – if the information arrives too late, it loses its value and in the worst case, adversaries may eliminate sources of intelligence.

Strategic intelligence, on the other hand, is valid for much longer periods and may form the basis of decision making on the allocation of resources or political measures.
As part of its communications intelligence (COMINT) portfolio, HENSOLDT offers antennas, direction finders, receivers as well as signal analysis software and applications.

Electronic Countermeasures/Jamming

Electronic countermeasures (ECM) or “jammers” provide capabilities to interfere with the reception of a signal at a target receiver. The goal is for law enforcement agencies or military forces to degrade or neutralize the enemy’s capability to participate in a radio network. HENSOLDT offers a wide variety of techniques that may be used against differing types of transmissions, such as the operation of radars, RCIEDs, drones, military communications and heat seeking weapons. Among the solutions offered are jamming, chaff and flares.

HENSOLDT’s solutions can be easily integrated into a number of platforms. Another advantage is the interoperability of the measures with co-operative and non-co-operative legacy jammer systems. The compact and highly integrated design makes for low life cycle costs. Extended electronic support capabilities are also available.

HENSOLDT’s multirole jammer implements the ongoing convergence of classical coms jamming, RCIED protection jamming, and sophisticated ESM/COMINT capabilities. The multirole jammer provides solutions for all current and upcoming ESM/ECM applications.

Mission Support

HENSOLDT provides a wide range of support software to operate electronic warfare (EW) solutions in dedicated missions, including direction finding operator user interface or signal analysis software. For military missions, there are platform independent electronic warfare ground support systems, which can be adapted to missions of an airborne platform and customer specific requirements. At its core our software makes use of the Intelligence Flow System (ifs) software, which forms the backbone for all user interfaces. Our software is database centric, enabling the system to keep track of all tasks, intercepts, results and reports that are generated when using the system.