Whether on or under water – always be master of the situation

The control of sea lanes and coastal regions is an indispensable task for every coastal state, which cannot be mastered without powerful sensors. In fulfilling this task, naval forces and coastguard units are constantly confronted with new challenges.

Missions on the high seas as well as in coastal waters are characterised by a high density of potential threats and extremely difficult environmental conditions. Under these circumstances, individual sensor technologies sometimes reach their limits, so that in many cases a reliable picture of the situation can best be obtained by combining several sensors.

Coastal surveillance

The control of coastal waters and coastal onshore regions requires sensors that can reliably locate and track critical objects even under the most difficult conditions.

Platform protection

To enable naval vessels to carry out their tasks and keep their crews safe, boats, ships and submarines are equipped with self-defence systems.

Situational awareness

During a mission, the captain and the crew need a comprehensive operational picture.

Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR)

We meet all naval requirements in all weather and light conditions with our ISTAR solutions.


We offer innovative navigation technologies for all types of vessels, from small workboats to the largest ships

Signals intelligence (SIGINT)

On board ships and submarines our SIGINT and ESM systems enable early reconnaissance from a safe distance.